Record your favorite shows and watch them whenever you want. For more information on DVR and a complete list of DVR features, download the DVR user guide.

DVR Manager

Schedule your DVR recordings from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. To get started, go to Once activation is complete, go to and select TV Listings to find and record programs.

Setting Recordings

Record Button Icon

While viewing TV Listings, highlight the program you wish to record and press the Record button on your remote. To Record a series, press the Record button twice.

Setting Recordings

Press the Record button to quickly record a program you’re currently watching.

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Accessing Recordings

My DVR Button Icon
Accessing Recordings

To access your DVR recordings, simply press the My DVR button on your remote and select My Recordings.

Right Arrow Button Icon
Accessing Recordings Accessing Recordings

Sort your recordings by title, date or channel using the right arrow button on your remote.

OK/Select Button Icon
Accessing Recordings

Highlight a program, then press the OK/Select button on your remote and choose an option from the Program Information screen.

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Controlling DVR

Pause Button Icon
Controlling DVR

Press the Pause button to pause a program. Press it again to resume.

Fast Forward/Rewind Button IconPlay Button Icon

Press the Fast Forward or Rewind button up to 4 times to increase the rate of speed. The front display of your DVR will indicate the speed. Press Play to resume watching at normal speed.

Page Up/Down Button IconInstant Replay Button IconPause Button IconFast Forward/Rewind Button IconLive Button Icon

Press the Page Down button on your remote to skip forward in 5-minute intervals. Press the Page Up button to skip back in 5-minute intervals.

Press the Instant Replay button to jump back 15 seconds within a program.

Press the Pause button then Fast Forward to fast-forward in slow motion.

Press the Pause button then Rewind to rewind in slow motion.

Press the Live button to skip forward to the live point of a program and catch up with
the live broadcast.

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Swapping Between Two Programs

Swap Button Icon

Press the Swap button on your remote to switch back and forth between your DVR’s two tuners so you can control the action of two programs. You can rewind what you’ve missed, or fast-forward to skip ahead in a live program you paused. If you switch between two programs without using the Swap button (for example, by using the Last button) you will lose the buffer and be unable to control the action of the two programs. (You DVR automatically creates a buffer of the program you are currently watching. The buffer temporarily records up to 90 minutes of the program until you tune to another channel or turn off your DVR.)

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DVR Clipping

Controlling DVR

The clipping feature outsmarts your scheduled recordings if they overlap by five minutes or less. For example, your DVR will stay tuned to a show that runs a couple minutes over the hour to catch the end, and still be smart enough to pick up the second recording you have scheduled once it’s already in progress — even if the second show has a higher priority. No more missing the cliffhanger! Your DVR will clip the first few minutes of the second recording and begin recording as soon as the first program ends.

The word “Clipped” will appear next to the program title in your DVR Recordings List to inform you which programs were clipped.

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Live Program Notice

Left/Right Button Icon
Controlling DVR

If a program is marked as a Live Program in the Guide’s program information, such as a sporting event, you will automatically be asked when scheduling the recording if you would like to extend the duration of the recording. Use the left/right arrow buttons on your remote to extend the duration of the recording up to two hours.

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