AnyRoom DVR

With XFINITY's AnyRoom® DVR service, you can watch your recorded shows in any room you want. You can start watching a recording in one room and then finish in another, or even have different recordings play in different rooms at the same time.


AnyRoom DVR Features Screenshot AnyRoom DVR Features Screenshot

With AnyRoom DVR Service, you can:

  • Start watching a recording in one room and finish it in another.
  • Watch different recordings on different TVs at the same time.
  • Enjoy High-Definition (HD) service on every HD television in your home.

Your AnyRoom DVR is the primary DVR outlet that provides full access to all the DVR features of your on-screen guide and is linked to networked set-top boxes in your home.

The networked set-top boxes allow you to sort and view completed recordings. Plus play, fast-forward, rewind, pause, skip ahead or skip back while watching your recordings.

DVR features such as the ability to schedule or delete a recording, change recording options, slow-motion functionality or the control of live TV are controlled through the primary DVR.

Please note that AnyRoom DVR service will not function with additional DVRs you may already have in your home.

My DVR Button Icon OK/Select Button Icon

To view recordings from your networked set-top boxes, press the My DVR button on your remote and a list of your recorded programs will be displayed. Highlight a recording and press OK/Select to play or view options.

* Not available in all areas. Subscription to AnyRoom DVR and/or XFINITY HD Triple Play package may be required. Please call for additional restrictions and complete details. ©2011 Comcast. All rights reserved.