TV Listing Features

Guide Views

Guide Button Icon
Guide Views

Press the Guide button on your remote to access a 16 X 9 TV Listings grid that has been optimized for High-Definition (HD) televisions and browse through four different views of TV Listings including:

Standard Guide Screenshot

Standard Guide

A program listings grid with a video window of the currently tuned channel.

Channel Guide Screenshot

Channel Guide

An expanded listings grid for a single channel with a video window of the currently tuned channel.

Max Guide Screenshot

Max Guide

A full-screen program listings grid.

Mini Guide Screenshot

Mini Guide

A partial-screen program listings grid over full video.

Exit Button Icon

To exit a Guide View and return to TV
viewing, press the Exit button on your

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My Guide

Guide Button Icon
My Guide Screenshot

Create your own personalized view of TV Listings and select your preferred layout, font size, channels and more.

Your My Guide will be the first Guide View displayed when you press the Guide button on your remote.

Learn how to set up a personalized My Guide.

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A Button Icon
TV Listing Filter Screenshot

Press the A button on your remote to filter listings by channel or program categories such as HD Channels, Premium Channels, Movies, Sports and Kids' programs. Filters are applied temporarily and are not saved when you exit the screen.

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Change Day

B Button Icon Fast Forward and Rewind Button Icons
TV Listing Change Day Screenshot

Press the B button on your remote to access the Change Day option. The Change Day option allows you to view TV Listings in the current time slot on a future day making it easy to schedule Recordings and Reminders for shows you don't want to miss.

Press the Fast Forward or Rewind button while in TV Listings to jump forward or backward in 24-hour increments and view listings in the current time slot on a
different day.

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Go back in time

Left Arrow Button Icon Info Button Icon

Scroll back in time when in TV Listings by pressing the left arrow button on your remote to see which programs you missed. Press Info on your remote and select View Other Times to set a Reminder or Recording, so you won't miss it again.

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Fav Button Icon Arrow Button Icons

To access your Favorites, press the Fav button on your remote while viewing TV listings and then use the arrow buttons to scroll through your Favorite Channels. To view additional Favorite Lists created, continue to press the Fav button.

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Changing the Font Size of TV Listings

Changing The Font Size Screenshot

The default font size of TV Listings is Medium. To make the font size smaller or larger, access the Help & Settings menu and select Settings. Under General Settings, select TV Listings font size, choose your size and select OK.